Welcome to Friends of the Greeneway, or more simply put, FROG.

What is FROG? FROG is comprised of runners, cyclists, walkers, nature enthusiasts and other Greeneway users who are passionate enough about this amazing community asset to invest time and/or money into improving and enhancing the Greeneway.

More specifically, FROG is focused upon identifying, funding and facilitating enhancements to the Greeneway system that would not otherwise be made by the City of North Augusta.

The mission of the North Augusta Greeneway Trust (aka Friends of the Greeneway) is to serve the citizens of North Augusta by improving, enhancing, expanding and encouraging the long-term use of the greenway trail system for recreation and transportation in the vicinity of North Augusta; and, to encourage and facilitate the connection of the system to other neighboring communities.

In order to support the mission, FROG has identified the below goals:

  • Amenities and Enhancements: Seeks to identify the appropriate amenities that will enhance the experiences of all users and insure implementation of appropriate facilities
  •  Network (System) Development: Seeks to make the greenway trail system more amenable to recreation and transportation by connecting to neighborhoods throughout the North Augusta area and expanding to beyond the city
  • Funding: Serve as a steward for the trust fund and seek other adequate funding sources to support the perpetual care and continued enhancement of the greenway system to achieve the stated goals
  • Education and Safety: Create an outreach program to teach safety awareness to users of the Greeneway and provide a safe avenue for recreation and transportation resulting in a safer, more enjoyable Greeneway experience
  • Promotion and Awareness: Market the use of the Greeneway strategy within the community to visitors, families, schools and businesses for increased investment in the community at large

As community members and Greeneway users, we would like to ask you to take the leap and become actively engaged in supporting our mission. You can jump in and become an active FROG by volunteering your time, signing up as a sponsor, and/or donating “wish list” items (see our membership and wish list pages).